Open Letter from the Owner of Books and Boys Book Blog | B&B Promotions

I am so excited to bring to you my newest venture, B&B Promotions ! Branching into this new arena along with my team at Books & Boys Book Blog is an exciting time. 

It was something I was wanting to do for a long time. 

As most of you know, my original blog was primary Paranormal but my passion was in the Contemporary New Adult genre. When an unfortunate situation months ago happened to a friend of mine, she had approached me to take over the 3 open and remaining social media sites the ( Good Reads, Amazon, Netgalley ) along with all documents made for the blog. I JUMPED at the chance. She wanted the authors to not have to suffer and I agreed, that is why some things look so familiar to you all  

Hey why break something that wasn't broken right and less work for me  

Low and behold .. Books and Boys Book Blog was started by me and a group of amazing ladies. Being authors ourselves we had an exact vision of where we wanted to take the blog and with the already established sites | documents our job became a little less stressful .

Recently, after speaking with a lot of you amazing authors and bloggers at the Signings I have been to I decided to branch into Promotions. As I already had all the necessary documents from the previous blog ( price lists, services, terms and conditions etc ) I spoke with my cousin and team, deciding to go ahead with the next step of this profession I so love. 

I hope you all will support me and my team in this aspect as you have in everything I have done. I can't thank you all enough and look forward to working with the amazing bloggers and authors I love so much ! 

Jennifer Moon Desulis.



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